Why do I need insurance, insurance is the key so you can focus on the most important things in your life because insurance will ensure your financial security and your family when something unexpected happens. When large financial burdens such as hospital fees or medical bills soar, insurance helps to cover it, so you can still focus on reaching your dreams.

When is the right time to start having insurance?

The sooner the better! The best time to start protecting your health and life is the first time you receive income. Getting protection early will give you the opportunity to pay a low premium. Choose the type of protection and premium that suits your needs and budget, and you will also be able to adjust the insurance coverage according to your changing situation and condition.

What type of insurance should I buy?

Protection of your health and your family is the main, then consider the type of insurance that can protect household finances if unexpected things happen to you. Next, consider insurance that will provide future savings funds for you and your family.

Will insurance reject me if my family line has a history of diseases such as cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure?

If your family has a history of these diseases, then you will be charged a higher fee than the normal premium of 25% to 50%. That's why it's very important for you to have insurance as early as possible - as long as your health is still excellent. Most likely you will still get insurance coverage even though you have a medical history, and even allow you to not be subject to additional fees.

Don't delay procuring health insurance, because the longer, the more likely it is to incur additional costs or disqualifications. However, paying a higher premium is still much better than not having insurance at all, especially when you get sick.

What if I can't pay the premium because of financial difficulties or health problems?

There are several options to help you get through difficult times. One of them is taking premium or premium loan leave. Other options can also give you the benefit of monthly income when you are no longer able to work.

Some education insurance products have additional benefits, where when a parent falls ill or dies, then the child will be exempt from the obligation to pay the premium and ensure the cost of children's education is paid in full upfront.

Having savings at a bank is a good start. But to ensure that your money is well managed for you - and can supplement your savings - insure the answer, because insurance offers a higher return on investment and is better in anticipating unwanted events. Your needs depend on the stage of your life, and insurance gives you choices based on needs at different stages.

Whether you are young and unmarried, or have had children, or entering retirement age, insurance can provide a variety of benefits and benefits so you can calm down. There are various insurance products that provide convenience, such as guaranteed protection, payment and long-term fund accumulation - all of which provide financial security for you at an affordable cost.

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